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Pedagogy of difference

Phase A of the project


Seeking a Pedagogy of Difference


This document presents the outcomes of the first phase of a three phase research initiative.  This initiative begins by identifying, through the voices of Aboriginal students and community members, the teaching practices that influence Aboriginal student engagement and learning. The study was made possible by an Australian Research Grant and a partnership with the Townsville Catholic Education Diocese of Townsville schools, primarily in the Mount Isa area. Aboriginal students and community members have expressed clearly what the characteristics are of effective teachers and effective teaching. We use these community voices in this document to ask, what is quality teaching and what makes quality teachers. This document seeks to invigorate a timely discussion about ‘effective’ teaching, given that the National agenda for education is firmly directed toward teacher quality and effectiveness.  This document asks teachers to hear the voices of Aboriginal community members and to look again at what ‘effective’ teaching really means. 



Brian Lewthwaite

Barry Osborne

Natalie Lloyd

Helen Boon

Linda Llewellyn

James Cook University


Cathy Day

Codie Kemp

Gail Laffin

Tammi Webber

Jennifer Wills

Megan Harrison

Catholic Education Diocese of Townsville



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