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After completing the Individual Survey you can immediately access your individual profile of your current teaching practice by clicking on the MY RESULTS link on your survey page.  Below is a sample profile chart.

To begin the Individual Survey you must first register by providing an e-mail address of your choice and a password.  Then login with this username and password to start your Individual Survey.   The survey has 63 questions and will take approximately 15 minutes of your time.

Sample Individual Profile

By completing the Individual Survey you will be provided with a profile of your current teaching practice.  This will give you insight into the practices of your teaching which may need adjusting to serve the needs of your Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.  


Click below to download a copy of the survey


type the following in your web browser:


If you have any questions about the research study, please contact Brian Lewthwaite at


AFTER completing the Individual Survey and viewing your individual profile chart, click on the Profile Categories button to provide you with some insight on how your profile corresponds with what your Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students are requiring of your practice.  Reflection on your current teaching practice profile and insights into the needs and of your Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students will guide you towards your journey to adjust your teaching practice where needed.


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