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Helen Boon

Senior Lecturer

College of Arts & Society & Education

Centre for Research & Innovation in Sustainability and Education


Dr Helen Boon is a Senior Lecturer in the areas of educational psychology, special needs and behaviour management. An early career researcher Helen has a strong research interest in climate change and the intersection of ethics, climate change and adaptation to climate change. Helen initially  trained in Chemistry and Physiology and then taught Chemistry and Mathematics for a number of years.  Preferred research methods are quantitative, including statistical modelling and Rasch modelling. Helen has led a number of projects:  a WIL project with partners from the School of  Medicine, a Collaboration Across Boundaries Project with the School of Public Health, Tropical Medicine and Rehabilitation Sciences,  and an NCCARF funded project with the  School of  Earth and Environmental Sciences and Charles Sturt University.  Dr Boon  is currently working on an ARC funded project examining the most effective pedagogies for Indigenous students



  • Climate change and resilience. Ethics and teacher professional behaviour

  • Bronfenbrenner's ecological theory of development, the contribution of parents, teachers and peers to the academic and life trajectories of students at risk.

  • Self-efficacy and teaching competence.

  • Motivation and coping.

  • Parenting and its impacts upon development and academic achievement.

  • Indigenous student's academic development.

  • Attitudes to science education, in particular to chemistry and dispositions and beliefs about science.

  • Climate change, sustainable development and science education

  • Mixed method research techniques, including structural equation modeling and narrative analysis.

  • Neuroscience and the (mis)application of neuroscience to education.

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